The Pure One

This is my story about a woman
So pure she’s made of me a new man
Her smile so bright, it whelms the sunrise
Her true self shines before my own eyes

And when she speaks, I can’t but gaze
With her an hour feels like ten days
Her presence carries a certain aura
Her gait befitting of no less a royal

Sometimes in random thought I wonder
How lucky a man I am to know her
Whenever she’s close I want to hold her
And promise she’s safe with me forever

And when she’s far, I yearn to tell her
That I will always be beside her
But who am I to give assurance?
I’m but a slave to sheer circumstance

One thing I know, I’ve found a diamond
The kind you cherish till the end of time comes
And for as long in me there’s life within
With hers my heart will sync in rhythm

Image by Dirk Wohlrabe from Pixabay


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