Dear couple I saw kissing in Unilag 15 years ago

SidenoteThis haphazardly penned typed piece was inspired by sleep deprivation, a glass of wine, some Butter Mint and a distracted moment from reading How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.

Dear Mr and Miss,

For some weird reason, I remembered y'all today.

It was a casual night 15 years ago (2004), I was in my first year in Unilag. I was probably on one of my aimless night walks around the New Hall open area when I caught y'all from the corner of my eye. You were leaning on a car (probably his) parked close to the big fence while he backed the fence.

I remember by innocent excitement. That was the first time I saw anyone kiss in public, possibly the only time ever in Nigeria.

Y'all must have been in love. I saw the way miss held on tightly to mister. Or maybe it was just miss who was smitten. I do not particularly remember mister being passionate. He probably had other "things" on his mind.

I was just wondering tonight; where are y'all now? Did y'all end up married? If so, do you have kids now? Please tell me you had at least one set of twins?

Are you happily married now? Do y'all wish y'all never said "I do" or do you still think y'all made the best decision of your lives ever?

How long did it take y'all to discover that the Hollywood version of love is a scam? How long did it take y'all to adjust to real love? Do y'all still think about The Kiss? Do y'all even remember this night I'm talking about?

Oh shoot! Maybe I'm getting way ahead of myself. Y'all probably never ended up together. How long did y'all last? A year after The Kiss? 6 months? Even less? Who broke whose heart? Do y'all share equal blame?

Do y'all still talk or did y'all end up like Hopsin and his estranged ex?

If y'all still talk, are y'all both married to other partners wishing y'all could get back together? Tell me the truth, have y'all ever had to invoke Okafor's law?

My young dreamy mind wishes y'all did eventually end up together but my mature mind is almost certain you probably didn't.

I mean, the odds were stacked up against y'all. That's what the stats say. I am personally aware of only two uni couples who ended up together. That's 2 out of about 20 from my perspective -- a 10% success rate.

But then, that's purely anecdotal. Besides, everyone knows stats are undiluted bobo. We only quote them for lack of actual verifiable evidence. Case in point,  I know way more secondary sweethearts that ended up together.

Whichever way y'all ended up, my thoughts are with y'all tonight. Let's relish this incredibly random moment as I (quite literally) raise a toast to Mr. and Miss.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay


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